How to watch every game of the 2024 NFL season via VPN

Are you one of the American football enthusiasts? If yes, you are looking for the best option to watch your favorite including out-of-market NFL games without any interruption. But without a VPN, watching these games online can be an expensive process in the United States. With a VPN, you’ll watch all the games uninterrupted as it will help you connect to servers in various cities and countries with all the important NFL licensing agreements. Remember, your log-in attempts will always be geo-blocked if you are in a city or a country without these licenses. Also, a VPN will help you to bypass local blackouts and to purchase game passes. With that in mind, we have bundled for you the best tips on how you can watch every NFL game via a VPN.


This year’s NFL season will be kicked off on Thursday, 5th September 2024, and has gained enormous momentum. But if you don’t reside in the U.S. or you don’t have access to the live streaming sites, you’ll be locked out. But if you are a diehard fan, here is the good news for you—you can always stream all the matches with live commentaries via a VPN. With a VPN, you can bypass all the geo-restrictions and blackouts that might get in your way. Continue reading to learn how.

Why Do I Need NFL Game Pass International to Watch NFL Live?

As earlier stated, watching NFL from unlicensed countries or cities can be a complicated process. But with a VPN, you can bypass all the geo-blockings and unblock all the restricted content. A VPN helps you change your I.P. address so that you can trick the streaming providers you are watching from a country or city with full NFL broadcasting rights.

NFL Game Pass vs NFL Game Pass International

You can not watch the live regular season and playoff games on NFL game pass in the United States as well it is condensed to you in approximately 30 mins. But it offers out-of-market games after ended.

On the other hand, NFL Game Pass International offers live streaming NFL regular season and playoffs outside the U.S. but some games are blacked out in some locations, and it does not offer recorded games. However, using a VPN you can watch every NFL game live from everywhere is the best option for you.

How to unblock live NFL games on NFL Game Pass with a VPN

A VPN connection with an NFL game pass subscription can help you gain access to every NFL game you would like to watch either live or recorded. Before you purchase the NFL Game Pass you have to remember, live streaming isn’t allowed in the United States, and most of the games are geo-restricted in Europe and other parts of the world. So, here is what you do to connect to watch NFL via VPN.

  1. We recommend that ExpressVPN is the best option for you, if you believe it’s not true then,
  2. Search for a reliable VPN that’s good at unblocking and bypassing restricted content.
  3. Install the VPN into your device, choose a non-U.S. location, and sign up, and connect to it.
  4. Sign up NFL game pass
  5. Enjoy streaming!

Why shouldn’t use a free VPN to watch NFL live?

From a professional point of view, you should always avoid free VPNs. They cannot only compromise your security but also are unreliable for sports streaming. Sometimes it failed to connect with the NFL Game Pass, and also, a free VPN comes with slow speeds, limited server networks, and bandwidth limitations resulting in a boring streaming experience.

Worse of it all, free VPNs have always been accused of selling user data to third parties and compromising their networks for their selfish interests. This means that you might even be paying more for the so-called “free Service.”