2022-2023 NFL TV Schedule Today Game by Game

The 103rd National Football League’s (NFL) 2022-2023 football season is taking place from Week 1 on September 8, 2022, throughout the Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023. The league expanded the 17-week schedule to 18-week where each team will play 17 games having a one-week bye in the regular season.

What to watch the next TNF Tonight?

The Raiders @ Rams matchup is scheduled for the next TNF Tonight on Thursday, December 8, 2022, on Amazon Prime.

When is Next SNF Tonight?

The Colts vs Cowboys game is scheduled for the next SNF Tonight on Sunday, December 4, 2022, at 8:20 pm ET on NBC.

Who plays the next MNF tonight?

The Buccaneers vs Saints is scheduled for the next MNF tonight game on Monday, December 5 at 8:15 pm ET on ESPN.

Here’s a breakdown of all the services about how to stream NFL games without cable

You can watch Thursday Night Football live on NBC, NFLN, FOX, and Amazon, Sunday day games will air live on CBS, FOX, and Sunday Night Football on NBC TV channel, and Monday Night Football on ESPN TV channel. Watch the 2023 NFL playoff games on CBS, FOX, and NBC TV channels.

You know that NFL regular season games are separated between Fox, CBS, ESPN, NBC, Amazon Prime Video, and the NFL Network. Only Hulu and Fubo TV streaming services offer you all of the NFL’s streaming networks, we have some examples below.

Suppose, you have an HDTV Antenna you will get Fox, CBS, and NBC, and you don’t get Out-of-market games, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and NFLN games here check below.

Sling TV Orange + BlueNoYesYesYesNoYes
YouTube TVYesYesYesYesNoYes
Amazon PrimeNoNoNoNoYesNo

Here is what NFL games today Week 1 to Week 18, NFL TV schedule, and NFL Games today by each AFC and NFC conference and division including kickoff time, date, location, live scores, and NFL games live on what TV channel today are available here.

Week 12 games are finished, and Week 13 starts from Dec. 1 to Dec. 5.

Week 13

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Steelers @ FalconsSunday, December 41:00 PMCBS
Packers @ BearsSunday, December 41:00 PMFOX
Jaguars @ LionsSunday, December 41:00 PMFOX
Jets @ VikingsSunday, December 41:00 PMCBS
Commanders @ GiantsSunday, December 41:00 PMFOX
Titans @ EaglesSunday, December 41:00 PMFOX
Broncos @ RavensSunday, December 41:00 PMCBS
Browns @ TexansSunday, December 41:00 PMCBS
Seahawks @ RamsSunday, December 44:05 PMFOX
Dolphins @ 49ersSunday, December 44:05 PMFOX
Chiefs @ BengalsSunday, December 44:25 PMCBS
Chargers @ RaidersSunday, December 44:25 PMCBS
Colts @ CowboysSunday, December 48:20 PMNBC
Saints @ BuccaneersMonday, December 58:15 PMESPN

Week 14

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Raiders @ RamsThursday, December 88:15 PMPrime Video
Jets @ BillsSunday, December 111:00 PMCBS
Browns @ BengalsSunday, December 111:00 PMCBS
Texans @ CowboysSunday, December 111:00 PMFOX
Vikings @ LionsSunday, December 111:00 PMFOX
Jaguars @ TitansSunday, December 111:00 PMCBS
Eagles @ GiantsSunday, December 111:00 PMFOX
Ravens @ SteelersSunday, December 111:00 PMCBS
Dolphins @ ChargersSunday, December 114:05 PMCBS
Buccaneers @ 49ersSunday, December 114:25 PMFOX
Panthers @ SeahawksSunday, December 114:25 PMFOX
Chiefs @ BroncosSunday, December 118:20 PMNBC
Patriots @ CardinalsMonday, December 128:15 PMESPN

Week 15

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
49ers @ SeahawksThursday, December 158:15 PMPrime Video
Dolphins @ BillsSunday, December 18TBDTBD
Ravens @ BrownsSunday, December 18TBDTBD
Colts @ VikingsSunday, December 18TBDTBD
Falcons @ SaintsSunday, December 18TBDTBD
Giants @ CommandersSunday, December 18TBDTBD
Eagles @ BearsSunday, December 181:00 PMFOX
Lions @ JetsSunday, December 181:00 PMFOX
Steelers @ PanthersSunday, December 181:00 PMCBS
Cowboys @ JaguarsSunday, December 181:00 PMFOX
Chiefs @ TexansSunday, December 181:00 PMCBS
Cardinals @ BroncosSunday, December 184:05 PMFOX
Titans @ ChargersSunday, December 184:25 PMCBS
Bengals @ BuccaneersSunday, December 184:25 PMCBS
Patriots @ RaidersSunday, December 188:20 PMNBC
Rams @ PackersMonday, December 198:15 PMABC, ESPN

Week 16

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Jaguars @ JetsThursday, December 228:15 PMPrime Video
Bills @ BearsSaturday, December 241:00 PMCBS
Saints @ BrownsSaturday, December 241:00 PMCBS
Texans @ TitansSaturday, December 241:00 PMCBS
Seahawks @ ChiefsSaturday, December 241:00 PMFOX
Giants @ VikingsSaturday, December 241:00 PMFOX
Bengals @ PatriotsSaturday, December 241:00 PMCBS
Lions @ PanthersSaturday, December 241:00 PMFOX
Falcons @ RavensSaturday, December 241:00 PMFOX
Commanders @ 49ersSaturday, December 244:05 PMCBS
Eagles @ CowboysSaturday, December 244:25 PMFOX
Raiders @ SteelersSaturday, December 248:15 PMNFLN
Packers @ DolphinsSunday, December 251:00 PMFOX
Broncos @ RamsSunday, December 254:30 PMCBS
Buccaneers @ CardinalsSunday, December 258:20 PMNBC
Chargers @ ColtsMonday, December 268:15 PMESPN

Week 17

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Cowboys @ TitansThursday, December 298:15 PMPrime Video
Cardinals @ FalconsSunday, January 11:00 PMFOX
Bears @ LionsSunday, January 11:00 PMFOX
Broncos @ ChiefsSunday, January 11:00 PMCBS
Dolphins @ PatriotsSunday, January 11:00 PMCBS
Colts @ GiantsSunday, January 11:00 PMCBS
Saints @ EaglesSunday, January 11:00 PMFOX
Panthers @ BuccaneersSunday, January 11:00 PMFOX
Browns @ CommandersSunday, January 11:00 PMFOX
Steelers @ RavensSunday, January 11:00 PMCBS
Jaguars @ TexansSunday, January 11:00 PMCBS
49ers @ RaidersSunday, January 14:05 PMFOX
Jets @ SeahawksSunday, January 14:05 PMFOX
Vikings @ PackersSunday, January 14:25 PMCBS
Rams @ ChargersSunday, January 18:20 PMNBC
Bills @ BengalsMonday, January 28:30 PMABC, ESPN

Week 18

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Buccaneers @ FalconsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Patriots @ BillsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Vikings @ BearsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Ravens @ BengalsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Chargers @ BroncosSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Lions @ PackersSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Texans @ ColtsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Chiefs @ RaidersSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Jets @ DolphinsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Panthers @ SaintsSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Giants @ EaglesSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Browns @ SteelersSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Cardinals @ 49ersSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Rams @ SeahawksSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Cowboys @ CommandersSunday, January 8TBDTBD
Titans @ JaguarsSunday, January 8TBDTBD

NFL AFC Conference schedule 2022-2023 by teams

AFC EastAFC WestAFC NorthAFC South
Buffalo Bills ScheduleDenver Broncos ScheduleBaltimore Ravens ScheduleHouston Texans Schedule
Miami Dolphins ScheduleKansas City Chiefs ScheduleCincinnati Bengals ScheduleIndianapolis Colts Schedule
New England Patriots ScheduleLas Vegas Raiders ScheduleCleveland Browns ScheduleJacksonville Jaguars Schedule
New York Jets ScheduleLos Angeles Chargers SchedulePittsburgh Steelers ScheduleTennessee Titans Schedule

NFL NFC Conference schedule 2022-2023 by teams

NFC EastNFC WestNFC NorthNFC South
Dallas Cowboys ScheduleArizona Cardinals ScheduleChicago Bears ScheduleAtlanta Falcons Schedule
New York Giants ScheduleLos Angeles Rams ScheduleDetroit Lions ScheduleCarolina Panthers Schedule
Philadelphia Eagles ScheduleSan Francisco 49ers ScheduleGreen Bay Packers ScheduleNew Orleans Saints Schedule
Washington Football Team ScheduleSeattle Seahawks ScheduleMinnesota Vikings ScheduleTempa Bay Buccaneers Schedule

When is NFL Playoffs?

The 2023 NFL playoffs are scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 14 with the AFC and NFC wild-card round at the host team, and the league championship game between the AFC champion against the NFC champion will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Playoff schedule 2023

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
TBD @ TBDSaturday, January 146:30 PMTBD
TBD @ TBDSunday, January 155:00 PMTBD
TBD @ TBDMonday, January 168:15 PMTBD

When is Super Bowl 2023?

The 2023 Super Bowl LVII game will take place on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on the FOX TV channel tip-off at 6:30 pm ET.

2023 Super Bowl LVII

MatchupDateTime (ET)TV
AFC vs. NFCSunday, February 126:30 PMFOX

When did the 2022 Hall of Fame Game?

NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Game 2022 took place between Jaguars vs Raiders on Thursday, August 4 at 8:00 PM ET on NBC, and the next Hall of Fame Game’s schedule will be uncovered here with any changes made.

2023 NFL Preseason on what TV Channel?

According to NFL’s announcement, the NFL Network will host the 2023 NFL Preseason live in the U.S. However, you can stream the out-of-market game live on NFL+ on your mobile, and tablet.