NFL Thanksgiving games 2021: Schedule, TV channel, how to watch

The NFL officially announced Thanksgiving Day games 2021 schedule on May 12, including what teams are competing on Thanksgiving games in Week 12, on Thursday, November 25, 2021, time, TV channel, how to watch live stream.

NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule 2021

GameTimeTV Channel
Bears @ Lions12:30 p.m. ETFOX
Raiders @ Cowboys4:30 p.m. ETCBS
Bills @ Saints8:20 p.m. ETNBC

Why Do We Play on Thanksgiving Day?

There are many Thanksgiving Day myths, but one outstanding fact is that no matter the team you support, Thanksgiving Day football remains a Turkey Day tradition. The tradition dates back to the 80s, a Yale vs Princeton match. This match remains an idol of Thanksgiving Day football, not only because it was the first match, but it’s the reason Americans call football ‘soccer.’ Intercollegiate Football Association adopted the Thanksgiving Day holiday for its championships. Later, more colleges planned matches towards the emergence of pro-football.

Thanksgiving Day football popularity took shape once NFL came on board. The early 1930s mark a historic moment for the tradition after once George A. Richards, a media entrepreneur, lured his way to plan and broadcast live a match between Detroit Lions and Chicago bears. The game hit every airwave in the country with a live broadcast from 94 stations. Since then, the Lions have made it a tradition to play on every Thanksgiving Day.

As TV subscriptions rose in 1960, NFL brought on board the cowboys on the Thanksgiving lineup. Cowboys came in to exploit a marketing gap, but it proved more than a marketing opportunity. It was the perfect way to make Thanksgiving Day memorable and give the increasing millions of TV viewership a reason to celebrate. Tex Schramm, the then Cowboys head, took to task for the 1966 thanksgiving against Cleveland Browns.

The most popular thanksgiving match of all time is the Lions vs Cowboys. The Lions owe great gratitude to George A. Richards, who used his media influence to boost the game’s viewership which was then dwindling. He successfully made a showdown and sparkled a revolution in the Lions gaming history in the 1930s. Thirty years later, the Cowboys came in hoping to do some marketing and, fortunately too, joined in the tradition.

A Closer Look at Why Lions Never Miss Thanksgiving Day Football

The lion’s team tradition emanated from George A. Richards, who brought them into the national limelight when the team’s popularity was fading. They lost to bears on the 1934s Thanksgiving Day match, but this didn’t stop them from growing. It was a Lions team reborn. This was, however, not the first time a team played on Thanksgiving Day, but they made history because everyone in the country knew and followed the game.

Richard had made sure all 94-radio stations would broadcast the match across the nation. He was an influential business leader and respected NBC partner; thus, creating a broadcast agreement with the media house was relatively easy. The tradition took a share in the late 70s. Funs always expect the Detroit Lions early game, followed by the Cowboys later in the day.

There are several games to take note of;

2008 Thanksgiving Day against Tennessee’s Titans. Titans beat 0-11 Lions 47-10, marking it the most Tennessee’s point differentials since NFL launched the game in the 30s. The lions made through with 0-16.

Thanksgiving Day 1986 against GREEN Bay Packers. On this day, the Packers took the W. the match remains the highest-scoring game in Thanksgiving Day football history.

1980 Thanksgiving Day. The match between Detroit Lions and Chicago bears in 1980 to a 17-17 tie. The game is the only Thanksgiving Day match to go for overtime. The overtime took 13 seconds only, which made a record to date. Dave Williams of the Bears made a touchdown after returning the OT KICKOFF.

Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, 1962, between Lions and the Packs took the first loss in the season. Packers walked should high with 13-1 win, making taking the NFL championship consecutively.

Why Dallas Cowboys Won’t Miss a Single Thanksgiving Football

Dallas Cowboys saw the first opportunity to play on Thanksgiving in 1966 and took it not to win the game but create a little publicity for the team. The team took up the challenge and fortunately joined the Lions to make Thanksgiving Day football history which continues to date.

NFL was not purely confident to host this match with the Cowboys and feared the attendance might be diminishing. Tom Landry had messed the team, but Tex Schramm, the general manager, was determined to make it rise. The team thus secured a gate revenue agreement with NFL should fans fail to show up. The game turns out better than expected, with the fan’s turnout surprise NFL. More than 80,000 fans turn up to spectate the Cowboys win against the Browns.

Other than two times where NFL choose to expand franchise football, the Cowboys has always participated in the Thanksgiving Day football. The Cardinals, however, wasted the chance to hold the tradition by losing twice, in 1975 and 1977, and NFL returns the button to contenders, Cowboys, to join the founders, Lions.

Popular Cowboy Games

1989 Thanksgiving. Cowboys suffered a 27-0 defeated against the Philadelphia Eagles. The game, however, had to contradict information with claims of Eagles bounty on a Dallas Kicker.

1993 Thanksgiving Day football. This day, The Dallas team went head-on, with Miami Dolphins losing on 16-14. Cowboys had taken a 14-13 lead seconds to the end of the game, but cards charged in a historic move. Pete Stoyanovich’s goal soured on a 40-yard attempt thanks to Cowboys Jimmie Jones. Dolphins owe their victory to the cowboy’s lineman who fell and forwarded the ball right to the Dolphins, who don’t waste a clear chance to make a win on the 2-yard line.

Thanksgiving 1994. The following year, Cowboys Troy Aikman was injured, paving the way for Jason Garrett to fight the Packers in the gap. Regardless, the Cowboys made a win of 42-31.

The Dallas Cowboys have to date, made a fortune by picking a slot no one was interested in. The team is considered the slow most profitable in the NFL. Currently, it was worth at least $4.8 billion. Forbes reports that the team has attracted global sponsors who chip in at least $150 million every year. Last year’s season saw the team walk away with profits of $350 million.

There has been a request to NFL for a change in the thanksgiving menu as Dallas and Detroit have remained thanksgiving staple diets. NFL is currently making expansions to accommodate a three-game slot airing at 12:30 pm ET, 4:30 pm ET, and 8:20 pm ET.