NFL Sunday Ticket 2023-2024: How to watch out-of-market NFL games

Are you an NFL diehard or obsessed with a football team away from home? NFL Sunday ticket got you covered with every Sunday Football game played out of your broadcast market. NFL Sunday ticket refers to a subscription package that enables football fans to watch live streaming of their favorite sporting events not broadcasted in their local affiliates. Subscribers of this service can watch their favorite, out-of-market games broadcast produced by CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoon.

DirecTV, a broadcast satellite service provider, owns the absolute right to distribute this package in the US. These rights will expire after the end of the 2023-24 NFL season.

What to watch

NFL Sunday Ticket makes it possible for National Football League fans who don’t reside in their favored team broadcasting market to watch all games they play. It offers live streaming services of NFL games on all Sunday afternoons. Furthermore, this video streaming service has great features. Some features include a Game mix, shortcut feature, NFL Sunday Ticket app, fantasy football app, RedZone Channel, and amazing accessibility features. Therefore, if you are an NPL fanatic subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket is the best option.

NFL Sunday Ticket prices in the 2023-2024 season

  • NFL Sunday Ticket: $293.94 a season
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max: $295.94 a season
  • DirecTV: $69.99-$110 a month
  • NFL Sunday Ticket for a student: $99.96 a season

The package is also accessible in other countries, including the Bahamas, Latin America, Mexico, Canada, and Bermuda. In Canada, DAZN streaming services distribute the NFL Sunday Ticket. Sky Mexico distributes in Central America and Mexico, Vrio distributes in the Caribbean and South America, and Vivo Tv distributes in Brazil. In addition, Bahamas cable distributes in the Bahamas. In this article, we will discuss the features of this NFL package.

Features of NFL Sunday Ticket

If you never want to miss a single game in the regular season, the NFL Sunday Ticket package is one of the best sports packages that deliver NFL games that are out of the market on Sunday afternoons. Below are some of its specs and features.

Game mix

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you get a chance to enjoy as much football in the season. One of the great features that make that possible on this service is the Game mix viewing feature. This particular feature enables one to watch multiple games on the same screen. You can watch four to eight NFL games simultaneously on a single screen along with the remaining time, games score, and the quarter that the games belong to under the games feed. In addition, the ticker gives highlights of the games that are not displayed.


Another great feature of NFL Sunday Ticket is the Shortcut feature which are recap of NFL games. Shorts Cuts are shortened versions of the games and do not display any commercial ads during the replay. Usually, the shortcut version of games takes 30 minutes or less and includes games unavailable in this live streaming service since they got blacked out. Plus, all games are televised on your local CBS and Fox stations.

You can watch these highlights on your computer, smartphone, or tablet from Sunday midnight until Tuesday morning.

NFL Sunday Ticket app

NFL Sunday Ticket subscription comes with an easy-to-use app at no extra cost. Subscribers can install the app on their devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and consoles and stream all local games played on Sundays live. Also, with this app, you can send games from your smartphone to a TV in less than a second. However, it is only possible to stream from one device at a time.

Fantasy football

NFL Sunday Ticket also has a player tracker feature. This feature allows NPL fantasy football fanatics to keep updated on how their favorite fantasy football players perform on their TV screens.

NFL Red Zone Channel

NFL Red Zone Channel is an NFL Sunday Ticket feature included in its new max package. The red zone channel switches you around from red zone to another, showing you all the teams that are inside the 20-yard line. Those with a possibility of scoring.

Basically, with the Red Zone channel, you get a guarantee of watching the most exciting plays of the game without scrambling. Furthermore, it shows you the best moments that happen during Sunday morning and afternoon games.

Accessibility features

NFL Sunday Ticket has amazing accessibility features. In all its live content, NFL Sunday Ticket has closed captions. However, it allows its subscribers to customize the captions from their screens. For instance, subscribers can select from the default style, change the language or even create a custom template.