New Orleans Saints vs Las Vegas Raiders Results

The New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders played each other in the regular season and playoffs 15 times in league history. New Orleans Saints 7 games and Las Vegas Raiders won 7 games in their all-time meeting here listed below.

The all-time series is tied 7-7-1.

10/30/2022Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints24-0 (Saints)
09/21/2020New Orleans Saints at Las Vegas Raiders24-34 (Raiders)
09/11/2016Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints35-34 (Raiders)
11/18/2012New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders38-17 (Saints)
10/12/2008Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints3-34 (Saints)
10/24/2004New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders31-26 (Saints)
11/19/2000Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints31-22 (Raiders)
11/09/1997New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders13-10 (Saints)
11/20/1994New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Raiders19-24 (Raiders)
12/16/1991Los Angeles Raiders at New Orleans Saints0-27 (Saints)
10/23/1988Los Angeles Raiders at New Orleans Saints6-20 (Saints)
10/13/1985New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Raiders13-23 (Raiders)
12/03/1979Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints42-35 (Raiders)
11/09/1975New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders10-48 (Raiders)
11/07/1971Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints21-21 (Tied)

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