Mike Glennon NFL Career Stats

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Mike Glennon is a running American professional football player in the NFL, played college football in the Quarterback position at NC State. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Glennon in the 3rd round pick 73 in the 2013 NFL Draft but now playing for the New York Giants from 2021. Here we have listed Mike Glennon’s career stats, and an overview of the 2022-23 latest NFL game’s receiving, rushing, passing, kick return, punt return, fumbles, and defense record you need to watch.

Mike Glennon Bio

  • Position: QB
  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 225
  • Age: 33
  • Date of Birth: December 12, 1989
  • College: North Carolina State


2021New York Giants61679053.97904.7604104325.8596849.7
2020Jacksonville Jaguars5179111621072646755731.81395380.1
2019Las Vegas Raiders210660565.61910330000108.8
2018Arizona Cardinals2211571.41748.32610838.1118112
2017Chicago Bears41409366.4833629454230487876.9
2016Tampa Bay Buccaneers2111090.9756.81310654.6000125.4
2014Tampa Bay Buccaneers620311757.614177411066431.523169183.3
2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers1341624759.426086.38519912630.3284031483.9


2021New York Giants67334.7131228.6001
2020Jacksonville Jaguars56172.840233.3001
2019Las Vegas Raiders22000000002
2018Arizona Cardinals2
2017Chicago Bears44412000002
2016Tampa Bay Buccaneers2
2014Tampa Bay Buccaneers610494.9190330001
2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers1327371.4160414.8004


2021New York Giants66302
2020Jacksonville Jaguars522
2019Las Vegas Raiders2312
2018Arizona Cardinals2
2017Chicago Bears4533
2016Tampa Bay Buccaneers2
2014Tampa Bay Buccaneers60
2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers13743


2021New York Giants6110000
2020Jacksonville Jaguars5
2019Las Vegas Raiders2
2018Arizona Cardinals2
2017Chicago Bears4
2016Tampa Bay Buccaneers2
2014Tampa Bay Buccaneers6220000
2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers13

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