2024 NFL games on CBS with Paramount Plus

CBS with Paramount Plus is the home of the 2024 NFL Sunday afternoon games including out-of-market, and playoffs of the American Football Conference (AFC). CBS Sports are one of four major TV channel, which carried most of the pay-TV streaming services in the United States. It earns the NFL’s selected games media rights for $2.1 Billion from 2023 to 2033.

There are many ways to watch NFL online, but you can not watch the entire season’s every game including out-of-market, and playoffs on a single platform, this is why CBS with Paramount Plus is a way to watch NFL. However, here is everything to know about.

What is Paramount Plus?

The Paramount Plus is a subscription-based OTT streaming service from ViacomCBS. This streaming platform was originally launched as CBS All Access on October 28, 2014, but on March 4, 2021, CBS All Access updated to Paramount Plus with a new look, such as Showtime is included as default.

What does Paramount Plus cost?

Paramount+ has two different subscription plans, the Essential (with ads, without Showtime) and Premium (with Showtime, without ads) plans. Paramount+ also offers 7 days free trial for new customers.

  • Essential plan cost $5.99/mo and $59.99/year.
  • Premium with SHOWTIME cost $11.99/mo and $119.99/year.

What NFL Games are on Paramount+?

Paramount+ is one of the cheapest TV streaming platforms to watch NFL football live coverage in the United States. Valid subscribers watch NFL Sunday afternoon (AFC) games on CBS Sports, including 38 regular seasons, three playoff games, and Super Bowl LIX in the 2024 season.

How to watch NFL games on CBS?

There are kinds of fixable options to watch NFL games on CBS without cable. You can access NFL games via the CBS Sports Network, visit cbs.com, or download the official CBS Sports app, Sign in with your satellite TV provider. Click the ‘Live TV’ option from the top screen to enjoy NFL games. CBS and Paramount+ work with a variety of active devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, Android devices, iPhones, iPad, and more.

How does Paramount+ work?

Paramount+ has essentially launched live-streaming sports events, NFL games, on-demand content, TV shows, movies, showtime, and more. It has 6+ Live TV channels, including sports, movies, and news. Which is compatible with Mobile phones, Android devices, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox series, and more.

How do I access NFL on Paramount+?

Download the Paramount+ app or visit paramountplus.com and log in to your account go to the Live TV option from the top screen and watch CBS games on Paramount+ without hesitation.

How to watch other sports on Paramount Plus?

The World’s best sports live coverage is available on Paramount Plus for $11.99 per month. Fans can stream UEFA Champions League, NCAA College Football, NCAA Basketball, NHL Hockey, Golf, and more sports that are also available on CBS.

NFL on CBS Schedule for 2023-24 season

Sunday, September 10: Week 1

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cleveland at Cincinnati1:00 PMCBSCleveland, OH
Minnesota at Tampa Bay1:00 PMCBSMinneapolis, MN
New Orleans at Tennessee1:00 PMCBSNew Orleans, LA
Baltimore at Houston1:00 PMCBSBaltimore, MD
Denver at Las Vegas4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO
New England at Philadelphia4:25 PMCBSFoxboro, MA
Los Angeles at Miami4:25 PMCBSInglewood, CA

Sunday, September 17: Week 2

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Buffalo at Las Vegas1:00 PMCBSOrchard Park, NY
Cincinnati at Baltimore1:00 PMCBSCincinnati, OH
Tennessee at Los Angeles1:00 PMCBSNashville, TN
Jacksonville at Kansas City1:00 PMCBSJacksonville, FL
Dallas at New York4:25 PMCBSArlington, TX
Denver at Washington4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO

Sunday, September 24: Week 3

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cleveland at Tennessee1:00 PMCBSCleveland, OH
Miami at Denver1:00 PMCBSMiami Gardens, FL
New York at New England1:00 PMCBSEast Rutherford, NJ
Washington at Buffalo1:00 PMCBSLandover, MD
Baltimore at Indianapolis1:00 PMCBSBaltimore, MD
Seattle at Carolina4:05 PMCBSSeattle, WA

Sunday, October 1: Week 4

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Buffalo at Miami1:00 PMCBSHighmark Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
Chicago at Denver1:00 PMCBSSoldier Field, Chicago, IL
Cleveland at Baltimore1:00 PMCBSCleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, OH
Houston at Pittsburgh1:00 PMCBSNRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Los Angeles at Las Vegas4:05 PMCBSSoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA

Sunday, October 8: Week 5

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Indianapolis at Tennessee1:00 PMCBSIndianapolis, IN
New England at New Orleans1:00 PMCBSFoxboro, MA
Pittsburgh at Baltimore1:00 PMCBSPittsburgh, PA
Denver at New York4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO
Minnesota at Kansas City4:25 PMCBSMinneapolis, MN

Sunday, October 15: Week 6

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Atlanta at Washington1:00 PMCBSAtlanta, GA
Cincinnati at Seattle1:00 PMCBSCincinnati, OH
Miami at Carolina1:00 PMCBSMiami Gardens, FL
Jacksonville at Indianapolis1:00 PMCBSJacksonville, FL
Las Vegas at New England4:05 PMCBSLas Vegas, NV

Sunday, October 22: Week 7

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Indianapolis at Cleveland1:00 PMCBSIndianapolis, IN
New England at Buffalo1:00 PMCBSFoxboro, MA
New York at Washington1:00 PMCBSEast Rutherford, NJ
Denver at Green Bay4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO
Kansas City at Los Angeles4:25 PMCBSKansas City, MO

Sunday, October 29: Week 8

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Tennessee at Atlanta1:00 PMCBSNashville, TN
Miami at New England1:00 PMCBSMiami Gardens, FL
New York at New York1:00 PMCBSEast Rutherford, NJ
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville1:00 PMCBSPittsburgh, PA
Denver at Kansas City4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO
Arizona at Baltimore4:25 PMCBSGlendale, AZ
San Francisco at Cincinnati4:25 PMCBSSanta Clara, CA

Sunday, November 5: Week 9

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cleveland at Arizona1:00 PMCBSCleveland, OH
New Orleans at Chicago1:00 PMCBSNew Orleans, LA
Baltimore at Seattle1:00 PMCBSBaltimore, MD
Houston at Tampa Bay1:00 PMCBSHouston, TX
Carolina at Indianapolis4:05 PMCBSCharlotte, NC

Sunday, November 12: Week 10

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cincinnati at Houston1:00 PMCBSCincinnati, OH
Pittsburgh at Green Bay1:00 PMCBSPittsburgh, PA
Tampa Bay at Tennessee1:00 PMCBSTampa, FL
Arizona at Atlanta4:05 PMCBSGlendale, AZ
Los Angeles at Detroit4:05 PMCBSInglewood, CA

Sunday, November 19: Week 11

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cleveland at Pittsburgh1:00 PMCBSCleveland, OH
Miami at Las Vegas1:00 PMCBSMiami Gardens, FL
Jacksonville at Tennessee1:00 PMCBSJacksonville, FL
Houston at Arizona1:00 PMCBSHouston, TX
Buffalo at New York4:25 PMCBSOrchard Park, NY
Los Angeles at Seattle4:25 PMCBSInglewood, CA

Thursday, November 23: Week 12

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Dallas at Washington4:30 PMCBSArlington, TX

Sunday, November 26

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh1:00 PMCBSCincinnati, OH
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay1:00 PMCBSIndianapolis, IN
Houston at Jacksonville1:00 PMCBSHouston, TX
Las Vegas at Kansas City4:25 PMCBSLas Vegas, NV
Philadelphia at Buffalo4:25 PMCBSPhiladelphia, PA

Sunday, December 3: Week 13

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Tennessee at Indianapolis1:00 PMCBSNashville, TN
New England at Los Angeles1:00 PMCBSFoxboro, MA
Pittsburgh at Arizona1:00 PMCBSPittsburgh, PA
Tampa Bay at Carolina1:00 PMCBSTampa, FL
Houston at Denver4:05 PMCBSHouston, TX

Sunday, December 10: Week 14

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Atlanta at Tampa Bay1:00 PMCBSAtlanta, GA
Cincinnati at Indianapolis1:00 PMCBSCincinnati, OH
Cleveland at Jacksonville1:00 PMCBSCleveland, OH
New York at Houston1:00 PMCBSEast Rutherford, NJ
Kansas City at Buffalo4:25 PMCBSKansas City, MO
Los Angeles at Denver4:25 PMCBSInglewood, CA

Sunday, December 17: Week 15

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Tennessee at Houston1:00 PMCBSNashville, TN
Miami at New York1:00 PMCBSMiami Gardens, FL
Los Angeles at Washington4:05 PMCBSInglewood, CA
Arizona at San Francisco4:05 PMCBSGlendale, AZ

Sunday, December 24: Week 16

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Tennessee at Seattle1:00 PMCBSNashville, TN
New York at Washington1:00 PMCBSEast Rutherford, NJ
Houston at Cleveland1:00 PMCBSHouston, TX
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville4:05 PMCBSTampa, FL

Sunday, December 31: Week 17

MatchupKick-off Time (ET)TVLocation
Buffalo at New England1:00 PMCBSOrchard Park, NY
Chicago at Atlanta1:00 PMCBSChicago, IL
Indianapolis at Las Vegas1:00 PMCBSIndianapolis, IN
Jacksonville at Carolina1:00 PMCBSJacksonville, FL
Baltimore at Miami1:00 PMCBSBaltimore, MD
Denver at Los Angeles4:25 PMCBSMile High, Denver, CO
Kansas City at Cincinnati4:25 PMCBSKansas City, MO

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