Case Keenum NFL Career Stats

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Case Keenum is a running American professional football player in the NFL, played college football in the Quarterback position at Houston. The Houston Texans undrafted Keenum in 2012 but now he is playing for the Buffalo Bills. Here we have listed Case Keenum’s career stats, and an overview of the 2022-23 latest NFL game’s rushing, passing, fumbles, and defense record you need to watch.

Case Keenum Bio

  • Present Team: Buffalo Bills
  • Jersey No: 18
  • Position: QB
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 215
  • Age: 34
  • Date of Birth: February 17, 1988
  • College: Houston


2022Buffalo Bills27228.681.15000000039.6
2021Cleveland Browns7724765.34626.434312534.7452991.3
2020Cleveland Browns210550464.6240022010062.9
2018Denver Broncos1658636562.338906.664181517930.6523423581.2
2017Minnesota Vikings1548132567.635477.46522717937.2452213698.3
2016Los Angeles Rams1032219660.922016.86591110231.7312314076.4
2015Los Angeles Rams61257660.88286.660414132.8742887.7
2014Houston Texans2774558.44355.635222127.3631572.2
2013Houston Texans825313754.21760766967630261920178.2


2022Buffalo Bills25004000000
2021Cleveland Browns712221.8100650000
2020Cleveland Browns2
2018Denver Broncos1626933.61721038.5003
2017Minnesota Vikings154016042211332.5200
2016Los Angeles Rams1020512.6131735000
2015Los Angeles Rams61250.44018.3002
2014Houston Texans210353.5130660000
2013Houston Texans814725.1221642.9100


2022Buffalo Bills2
2021Cleveland Browns711
2020Cleveland Browns2
2018Denver Broncos161125
2017Minnesota Vikings151
2016Los Angeles Rams10
2015Los Angeles Rams6
2014Houston Texans2
2013Houston Texans8


2022Buffalo Bills2
2021Cleveland Browns7
2020Cleveland Browns2
2018Denver Broncos16
2017Minnesota Vikings15110000
2016Los Angeles Rams10
2015Los Angeles Rams6
2014Houston Texans2
2013Houston Texans8

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