Bobby Wagner NFL Career Stats

Bobby Wagner is a running American professional football player in the NFL, played college football as the Middle linebacker at Utah State. The Seattle Seahawks drafted Wagner in the 2nd round pick 47 in the 2012 NFL Draft. Here we have listed Bobby Wagner’s career stats, and an overview of the 2021-22 latest NFL game’s fumbles, and defense record you need to watch.


2022Los Angeles Rams17124655960520136.513
2021Seattle Seahawks16155787710510333
2020Seattle Seahawks161367957308
2019Seattle Seahawks16144717330610666
2018Seattle Seahawks151267254101111989898
2017Seattle Seahawks1612488362162073.57
2016Seattle Seahawks16164828250310999
2015Seattle Seahawks151116447107
2014Seattle Seahawks11976037203
2013Seattle Seahawks1411163486072094.59
2012Seattle Seahawks161307753204305518.345


2022Los Angeles Rams170
2021Seattle Seahawks161
2020Seattle Seahawks1600010
2019Seattle Seahawks1600110
2018Seattle Seahawks1500210
2017Seattle Seahawks1610011
2016Seattle Seahawks1600010
2015Seattle Seahawks1500232
2014Seattle Seahawks110
2013Seattle Seahawks1400010
2012Seattle Seahawks160

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