2022-23 Washington Commanders Roster and Current Players

Here are some common questions and answers about the Washington Commanders‘ today’s game’s current passing, rushing, receiving, defense, kicking, who kick returns, punting, and punt returns you need to know.

How many players are on the Washington Commanders team?

Falcons will start with 11 players on the field of a 53-man roster where 46 players of them can dress out for the professional game and the team can change their players during the break in the game.

How many divisions do the Washington Commanders have?

The Washington team has three units that are divided into the

  1. Offense: It is made up of the quarterback, running back, fullback, wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive line.
  2. Defense: It is made up of the defensive line, linebackers, safeties, and cornerbacks.
  3. Special Teams: It is made up of kickers, returners, long snappers, jammers, and gunners.

How do the Washington Commanders choose their jersey first?

If Washington plays at their home game they will choose their jersey first.

How Washington will take the coin first?

When the team visits the opponent’s home field, they will get choice the coin first.

The Washington Commanders have already announced their seventy players in the 2022-23 regular season and must cut them to a 53-man permanent roster before the start of the regular season.

2022-23 Washington Commanders Rosters


12Jake FrommQB6′ 2″215 lbs243Georgia
4Taylor HeinickeQB6′ 1″210 lbs295Old Dominion
14Sam HowellQB6′ 1″220 lbs22RNorth Carolina
11Carson WentzQB6′ 5″237 lbs297North Dakota State
24Antonio GibsonRB6′ 2″220 lbs243Memphis
23J.D. McKissicRB5′ 10″195 lbs296Arkansas State
32Jaret PattersonRB5′ 8″195 lbs222Buffalo
8Brian Robinson Jr.RB6′ 1″228 lbs23RAlabama
41Jonathan WilliamsRB6′ 0″217 lbs286Arkansas
48Alex ArmahFB6′ 1″255 lbs285West Georgia
2Dyami BrownWR6′ 0″195 lbs232North Carolina
1Jahan DotsonWR5′ 11″182 lbs22RPenn State
86Alex EricksonWR6′ 0″195 lbs307Wisconsin
83Kyric McGowanWR5′ 11″198 lbs23RGeorgia Tech
17Terry McLaurinWR6′ 0″210 lbs274Ohio State
19Marken MichelWR5′ 11″191 lbs291Massachusetts
15Dax MilneWR6′ 0″190 lbs232BYU
10Curtis SamuelWR5′ 11″195 lbs266Ohio State
89Cam SimsWR6′ 5″220 lbs265Alabama
87John BatesTE6′ 6″259 lbs252Boise State
45Curtis HodgesTE6′ 8″240 lbs23RArizona State
88Armani RogersTE6′ 5″225 lbs24ROhio
82Logan ThomasTE6′ 6″250 lbs318Virginia Tech
85Cole TurnerTE6′ 6″240 lbs22RNevada
46Eli WolfTE6′ 4″238 lbs251Georgia
69Tyler LarsenC6′ 4″335 lbs317Utah State
60Nick MartinC6′ 4″299 lbs297Notre Dame
73Chase RoullierC6′ 4″312 lbs296Wyoming
74Nolan LaufenbergG6′ 3″312 lbs231Air Force
63Wes MartinG6′ 3″315 lbs264Indiana
68Andrew NorwellG6′ 6″310 lbs319Ohio State
75Chris PaulG6′ 4″324 lbs23RTulsa
71Wes SchweitzerG6′ 4″300 lbs297San Jose State
61Keaton SutherlandG6′ 5″316 lbs253Texas A&M
53Trai TurnerG6′ 3″320 lbs299LSU
62Alex AkingbuluOT6′ 5″300 lbs241Fresno State
77Saahdiq CharlesOT6′ 4″322 lbs233LSU
76Sam CosmiOT6′ 6″309 lbs232Texas
72Charles Leno Jr.OT6′ 3″302 lbs319Boise State
78Cornelius LucasOT6′ 8″327 lbs318Kansas State
67Aaron MonteiroOT6′ 7″320 lbs251Boston College


64David BadaDE6′ 4″293 lbs271
56Will Bradley-KingDE6′ 3″254 lbs241Baylor
97Efe ObadaDE6′ 6″265 lbs305
79Benning Potoa’eDE6′ 3″290 lbs261Washington
96James Smith-WilliamsDE6′ 4″265 lbs253NC State
90Montez SweatDE6′ 6″262 lbs264Mississippi State
58Shaka ToneyDE6′ 2″238 lbs242Penn State
95Casey ToohillDE6′ 5″254 lbs263Stanford
99Chase YoungDE6′ 5″264 lbs233Ohio State
93Jonathan AllenDT6′ 3″300 lbs276Alabama
98Phidarian MathisDT6′ 4″312 lbs24RAlabama
94Daron PayneDT6′ 3″320 lbs255Alabama
91John RidgewayDT6′ 5″321 lbs23RArkansas
92Daniel WiseDT6′ 3″285 lbs262Kansas
59Jon BosticLB6′ 1″245 lbs3110Florida
52Jamin DavisLB6′ 3″234 lbs232Kentucky
46Milo EiflerLB6′ 2″225 lbs241Illinois
50Nate GerryLB6′ 2″218 lbs275Nebraska
45De’Jon HarrisLB6′ 0″245 lbs251Arkansas
55Cole HolcombLB6′ 1″240 lbs264North Carolina
47Khaleke HudsonLB6′ 0″220 lbs243Michigan
51David MayoLB6′ 2″240 lbs298Texas State
50Drew WhiteLB6′ 0″228 lbs24RNotre Dame
30Troy ApkeCB6′ 1″205 lbs275Penn State
40Tariq Castro-FieldsCB6′ 1″197 lbs23RPenn State
26Corn ElderCB5′ 10″185 lbs286Miami (FL)
38DaMarcus FieldsCB6′ 0″200 lbs24RTexas Tech
29Kendall FullerCB5′ 11″198 lbs277Virginia Tech
34Christian HolmesCB6′ 1″205 lbs25ROklahoma State
36Danny JohnsonCB5′ 9″190 lbs265Southern University
25Benjamin St-JusteCB6′ 3″200 lbs252Minnesota
37Rachad WildgooseCB5′ 10″191 lbs222Wisconsin
35Percy ButlerS6′ 0″191 lbs22RLouisiana-Lafayette
31Kamren CurlS6′ 2″198 lbs233Arkansas
22Darrick ForrestS5′ 11″200 lbs232Cincinnati
20Bobby McCainS5′ 9″196 lbs298Memphis
39Jeremy ReavesS5′ 11″200 lbs263South Alabama

Special Teams

6Joey SlyePK5′ 11″213 lbs264Virginia Tech
5Tress WayP6′ 1″220 lbs329Oklahoma
54Camaron CheesemanLS6′ 4″237 lbs242Michigan

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