2023-24 NFL MVP: Lamar Jackson No. 1 favorite to win the award?

The National Football League (NFL) continues its 104th season and the yearly Most Valuable Player (MVP) race will begin with the new season. The NFL Week 18 ends with Sunday Night Football on Jan 7 and most of the candidates are favored to win the MVP awards in 2024.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson had an affluent performance in week 18 marking the top No. 1 MVP chart, Dak Prescott continued scoring in week 18 and is listed as the No. 2 MVP. Brock Purdy, Josh Allen, Christian McCaffrey.

When is the 2023-24 NFL MVP announced?

Before the Super Bowl LVIII in the 2023-24 season, NFL MVP awards will be announced on Thursday, Feb 08, 2024.

2023-24 NFL MVP: Top 5 QBs are favorite after Week 18:

  1. Lamar Jackson (-10000)

The Baltimore Ravens (13-4) QB Lamar Jackson played 16 games in the season and has thrown for 3,678 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and seven interception passes. Lamar Jackson scored 321 passing yards with five touchdowns and won over the Dolphins on Jan 1, and finally, Lamar Jackson’s No. 1 favorite to the 2023-24 MVP.

2. Dak Prescott (+1800)

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will start the MVP journey in 2023-24. The former Miss St star has thrown for 4,516 yards, 36 touchdowns, and 9 interception passes this season.

3. Brock Purdy (+2500)

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is the favorite to win the MVP in 2024. He has thrown for 4,280 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 11 interception passes in the 16 games.

4. Josh Allen (+3000)

Buffalo Bills QB Jalen Hurts will be the favorite to winning chance of the upcoming NFL MVP Awards 2023-24. He played ten games and threw for 4,306 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 18 interception passes in this season.

5. Christian McCaffrey (+4000)

The NFC leader San Francisco 49ers (12-5) is on the No. 1 football power ranking in the league after the NFL week 18. RB Christian McCaffrey is the favorite for the NFL MVP 2023-24. He has thrown for 1,459 receiving yards, and 14 touchdown passes this season.

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