2023 NFL Draft: How does it work, get round by round pick updates

The National Football League (NFL) is a highly competitive league where every team wants to build the strongest possible roster. This is the key way each team can improve its rosters is by acquiring new players through the NFL Draft. However, allocating draft picks in the NFL is a complex process with many rules and factors that can affect the final order. In this article, we will discuss the various rules and factors involved in allocating draft picks in the NFL.

How NFL Draft does work

The draft order is determined by the previous season’s standings, with the team with the worst record selected first in each round. This order is reversed for each subsequent round, except for the Super Bowl champion, who receives the final seed in each round.


Tiebreakers are used to determine draft order if two or more teams finish with the same record. The first tiebreaker is the strength of the schedule, which takes into account the combined winning percentage of a team’s opponents from the previous season.

Compensatory picks:

These picks are awarded to teams that have lost more or better free agents than they have signed in the previous year. The exact formula for determining compensatory picks is not publicized by the NFL, but it takes into account factors such as the value of the players lost and signed.

Draft pick trades

Teams can trade draft picks with each other before or during the draft. The value of each pick is determined by a chart created by the NFL that assigns a point value to each draft pick based on the expected value of the player selected with that pick.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for the NFL draft, a player must be at least three years out of high school and use up their college eligibility. They must submit a written application by the deadline and meet certain character and academic requirements. Additionally, players who have played professionally outside of the NFL, such as in the Canadian Football League, will also be eligible for the draft.

overall, assigning draft picks is a complex process that plays a significant role in the success of NFL teams. By following these rules, the league ensures that the process is fair and transparent, giving each team a chance to improve its roster and compete for championships.

What about the 2023 NFL Draft?

The 2023 NFL Draft will be the 88th edition of the National Football League’s new eligible player selection meeting. The 2023 NFL Draft is set as three days event that takes place at the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri from April 27-29, 2023. There are 259 college football players selected for the draft who will be picked from rounds 1 through 7 this year. This event will air on ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, and ESPN Deportes networks.

Who will be picked first?

The billion-dollar question is who will take first? This year the Chicago Bears were set for the first pick, but they traded with the Carolina Panthers and they will pick 1st in the 2023 NFL Draft. We saw in our few little pasts that, Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers are always the most expected players to be drafted.

What time is set to begin for the 2023 NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft 2023 will begin with round 1 picks starting at 8 PM (ET) on Thursday, April 27 and rounds 2-3 will start at 7 PM (ET) on Friday, April 28 and rounds 4-7 will start at 12 PM (ET) on Saturday, April 29.

How does the NFL Draft work?

At least 3 years out of high school, who are eligible for the NFL draft? All the players who have played college football in the USA or a few of those selected in the NFL draft from other football leagues, it does not matter who has gone college. The second year played Redshirt, they only enter the NFL draft.

What is Timing System?

32 NFL teams attend the player selection meeting mega event. When starting an NFL Draft event, one team always be on the clock. In the first round teams have 15 minutes to make their choice, in the second round 10 minutes, 3-6 rounds 5 minutes, and in the round of seven have 4 minutes in 2015. If a team fails to decision in their exact time, they can still submit a selection any time after the time is over. But the next team can use the opportunity to pick before it.

NFL Draft TV Schedule 2023

RoundDateTime (ET)TV
1Thu, April 278 PMESPN, ABC, NFL Network
2-3Fri, April 287 PMESPN, ABC, NFL Network
4-7Sat, April 2912 PMESPN, ABC, NFL Network

How to stream NFL Draft 2023 on TV?

This season the football’s most viewed event ‘NFL Draft 2023’ is televised on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network in the United States. Spanish-language TV coverage is available on ESPN Deportes.

An official list of 259 picks:

NFL TeamPick No.Round
Carolina Panthers11
Houston Texans21
Arizona Cardinals31
Indianapolis Colts41
Seattle Seahawks51
Detroit Lions61
Las Vegas Raiders71
Atlanta Falcons81
Chicago Bears91
Philadelphia Eagles101
Tennessee Titans111
Houston Texans121
New York Jets131
New England Patriots141
Green Bay Packers151
Washington Commanders161
Pittsburgh Steelers171
Detroit Lions181
Tampa Bay Buccaneers191
Seattle Seahawks201
Miami Dolphins (forfeited)1
Los Angeles Chargers211
Baltimore Ravens221
Minnesota Vikings231
Jacksonville Jaguars241
New York Giants251
Dallas Cowboys261
Buffalo Bills271
Cincinnati Bengals281
New Orleans Saints291
Philadelphia Eagles301
Kansas City Chiefs311
Pittsburgh Steelers322
Houston Texans332
Arizona Cardinals342
Indianapolis Colts352
Los Angeles Rams362
Seattle Seahawks372
Las Vegas Raiders382
Carolina Panthers392
New Orleans Saints402
Tennessee Titans412
New York Jets422
New York Jets432
Atlanta Falcons442
Green Bay Packers452
New England Patriots462
Washington Commanders472
Detroit Lions482
Pittsburgh Steelers492
Tampa Bay Buccaneers502
Miami Dolphins512
Seattle Seahawks522
Chicago Bears532
Los Angeles Chargers542
Detroit Lions552
Jacksonville Jaguars562
New York Giants572
Dallas Cowboys582
Buffalo Bills592
Cincinnati Bengals602
Chicago Bears612
Philadelphia Eagles622
Kansas City Chiefs632
Chicago Bears643
Houston Texans653
Arizona Cardinals663
Denver Broncos673
Denver Broncos683
Los Angeles Rams693
Las Vegas Raiders703
New Orleans Saints713
Tennessee Titans723
Houston Texans733
Cleveland Browns743
Atlanta Falcons753
New England Patriots763
Los Angeles Rams773
Green Bay Packers783
Indianapolis Colts793
Pittsburgh Steelers803
Detroit Lions813
Tampa Bay Buccaneers823
Seattle Seahawks833
Miami Dolphins843
Los Angeles Chargers853
Baltimore Ravens863
Minnesota Vikings873
Jacksonville Jaguars883
New York Giants893
Dallas Cowboys903
Buffalo Bills913
Cincinnati Bengals923
Carolina Panthers933
Philadelphia Eagles943
Kansas City Chiefs953
Arizona Cardinals963
Washington Commanders973
Cleveland Browns983
San Francisco 49ers993
Las Vegas Raiders1003
San Francisco 49ers1013
San Francisco 49ers1023
Chicago Bears1034
Houston Texans1044
Arizona Cardinals1054
Indianapolis Colts1064
New England Patriots1074
Denver Broncos1084
Las Vegas Raiders1094
Atlanta Falcons1104
Cleveland Browns1114
New York Jets1124
Atlanta Falcons1134
Carolina Panthers1144
New Orleans Saints1154
Green Bay Packers1164
New England Patriots1174
Washington Commanders1184
Minnesota Vikings1194
Pittsburgh Steelers1204
Jacksonville Jaguars1214
Kansas City Chiefs1224
Seattle Seahawks1234
Baltimore Ravens1244
Los Angeles Chargers1254
Cleveland Browns1264
Jacksonville Jaguars1274
New York Giants1284
Dallas Cowboys1294
Buffalo Bills1304
Cincinnati Bengals1314
Carolina Panthers1324
Chicago Bears1334
Kansas City Chiefs1344
New England Patriots1354*
Chicago Bears1365
Houston Texans5
Buffalo Bills1375
Indianapolis Colts1385
Denver Broncos1395
Cleveland Browns1405
Las Vegas Raiders1415
Cleveland Browns1425
New York Jets1435
Las Vegas Raiders1445
Carolina Panthers1455
New Orleans Saints1465
Tennessee Titans1475
Chicago Bears1485
Green Bay Packers1495
Washington Commanders1505
Seattle Seahawks1515
Detroit Lions1525
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1535
Seattle Seahawks1545
San Francisco 49ers1555
Los Angeles Chargers1565
Baltimore Ravens1575
Minnesota Vikings1585
Atlanta Falcons1595
New York Giants1605
Houston Texans1615
Indianapolis Colts1625
Cincinnati Bengals1635
San Francisco 49ers1645
New Orleans Saints1655
Kansas City Chiefs1665
Los Angeles Rams1675
Arizona Cardinals1685
Dallas Cowboys1695
Green Bay Packers1705
Los Angeles Rams1715
New York Giants1725
San Francisco 49ers1735
Las Vegas Raiders1745
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1755
Indianapolis Colts1765
Los Angeles Rams1775
Kansas City Chiefs1786
Houston Texans1796
Arizona Cardinals1806
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1816
Los Angeles Rams1826
Detroit Lions1836
New England Patriots1846
Jacksonville Jaguars1856
Tennessee Titans1866
New England Patriots1876
Houston Texans1886
Los Angeles Rams1896
Cleveland Browns1906
Los Angeles Rams1916
New England Patriots1926
Washington Commanders1936
Detroit Lions1946
Denver Broncos1956
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1966
Miami Dolphins1976
Seattle Seahawks1986
Baltimore Ravens1996
Los Angeles Chargers2006
Houston Texans2016
Jacksonville Jaguars2026
Houston Texans2036
Las Vegas Raiders2046
Buffalo Bills2056
Cincinnati Bengals2066
New York Jets2076
Jacksonville Jaguars2086
New York Giants2096
New England Patriots2106*
Minnesota Vikings2116*
Dallas Cowboys2126*
Arizona Cardinals2136*
Las Vegas Raiders2146*
Washington Commanders2156*
San Francisco 49ers2166*
Kansas City Chiefs2176*
Chicago Bears2187
Philadelphia Eagles2197
Las Vegas Raiders2207
Indianapolis Colts2217
San Francisco 49ers2227
Los Angeles Rams2237
Atlanta Falcons2247
Atlanta Falcons2257
Jacksonville Jaguars2267
New Orleans Saints2277
Tennessee Titans2287
Cleveland Browns2297
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2307
Las Vegas Raiders2317
Green Bay Packers2327
Washington Commanders2337
Pittsburgh Steelers2347
Green Bay Packers2357
Indianapolis Colts2367
Seattle Seahawks2377
Miami Dolphins2387
Los Angeles Chargers2397
New York Giants2407
Pittsburgh Steelers2417
Green Bay Packers2427
New York Giants2437
Dallas Cowboys2447
Atlanta Falcons2457
Cincinnati Bengals2467
San Francisco 49ers2477
Philadelphia Eagles2487
Kansas City Chiefs2497
Kansas City Chiefs2507
Los Angeles Rams2517
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2527
San Francisco 49ers2537
New York Giants2547
San Francisco 49ers2557
Green Bay Packers2567
New Orleans Saints2577
Chicago Bears2587
Houston Texans2597

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