Los Angeles Chargers vs Washington Commanders Results

The Los Angeles Chargers and Washington Commanders played each other in the regular season and playoffs 12 times in league history. Los Angeles Chargers 5 games and Washington Commanders won 7 games in their all-time meeting here listed below.

Washington Commanders leading the all-time series 7-5-0.

09/12/2021Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team20-16 (Chargers)
12/10/2017Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers13-30 (Chargers)
11/03/2013San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins24-30 (Redskins)
01/03/2010Washington Redskins at San Diego Chargers20-23 (Chargers)
11/27/2005San Diego Chargers at San Diego Chargers23-17 (Chargers)
09/09/2001Washington Redskins at San Diego Chargers3-30 (Chargers)
12/06/1998San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins20-24 (Redskins)
12/10/1989San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins21-26 (Redskins)
09/21/1986Washington Redskins at San Diego Chargers30-27 (Redskins)
10/31/1983Washington Redskins at San Diego Chargers27-24 (Redskins)
12/07/1980San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins17-40 (Redskins)
09/16/1973San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins0-38 (Redskins)

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