Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals Results

The Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals played each other in the regular season and playoffs 69 times in league history. Detroit Lions 35 games and Arizona Cardinals won 28 games in their all-time meeting here listed below.

Detroit Lions leading the all-time series 35-28-6.

Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/19/202112-30 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals09/27/202026-23 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals09/08/201927-27 (Tie)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals12/09/201817-3 (Lions)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/10/201723-35 (Lions)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/11/201542-17 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals11/16/20146-14 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals09/15/201321-25 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals12/16/201210-38 (Cardinals)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/20/200931-24 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals11/11/200721-31 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals11/19/200610-17 (Cardinals)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/13/200521-29 (Lions)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/05/200412-26 (Lions)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/07/200324-42 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals12/08/200220-23 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals11/18/200138-45 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals11/14/199919-23 (Cardinals)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/01/199817-15 (Cardinals)
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/17/199520-17 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals12/12/199321-14 (Lions)
Phoenix Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/26/199320-26 (Lions)
Phoenix Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/10/198916-13 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Phoenix Cardinals12/07/198023-24 (Cardinals)
St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/21/19807-20 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at St. Louis Cardinals12/03/197814-21 (Cardinals)
St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/21/197524-13 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at St. Louis Cardinals12/02/197320-16 (Lions)
St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/06/19703-16 (Lions)
St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/16/19690-20 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at St. Louis Cardinals10/01/196728-38 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at St. Louis Cardinals11/12/196145-14 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions12/06/195921-45 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/06/194942-19 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals10/23/194924-7 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/25/194828-14 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/07/194820-56 (Cardinals)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/09/194717-7 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/28/194721-45 (Cardinals)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/13/194636-14 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/30/194614-34 (Cardinals)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/21/19450-26 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/23/194510-0 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals10/17/19437-0 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/19/194317-35 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/18/19427-0 (Cardinals)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/20/19420-13 (Cardinals)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions11/30/19413-21 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/27/194114-14 (Tie)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/05/194014-43 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals09/15/19400-0 (Tie)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals10/01/193917-3 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/10/193913-21 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/20/19387-3 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/23/19380-10 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/21/193716-7 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/19/19377-16 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/22/193614-7 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/28/19360-39 (Lions)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/03/19357-6 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/29/193510-10 (Tie)
Detroit Lions at Chicago Cardinals11/11/193417-13 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions09/30/19340-6 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/01/19336-7 (Lions)
Chicago Cardinals at Detroit Lions10/02/19327-7 (Tie)
Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Cardinals11/22/193119-20
Chicago Cardinals at Portsmouth Spartans09/23/19313-13 (Lions)
Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Cardinals10/26/193013-23
Chicago Cardinals at Portsmouth Spartans10/05/19300-0 (Tie)

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