Derek Carr NFL Career Stats

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Derek Carr is a running American professional football player in the NFL, playing college football as a quarterback at Fresno State. The Las Vegas Raiders drafted Carr in the 2nd round pick 36 in the 2014 NFL Draft. Here we have listed Derek Carr’s career stats, and an overview of the 2021-22 recent NFL game’s Passing, rushing, receiving, fumbles, and defense records need to watch.

Derek Carr Bio

  • Present Team: Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders
  • Jersey No: 4
  • Position: QB
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 210 Ib
  • Age: 31
  • Date of Birth: March 28, 1991
  • College: Fresno State Bulldogs


2022Las Vegas Raiders1550230560.83,522760241416132.1472719186.3
2021Las Vegas Raiders1762642868.44,8047.761231421734.7674024194
2020Las Vegas Raiders1651734867.34,1037.98527919337.35426150101.4
2019Las Vegas Raiders1651336170.44,0547.97521819137.25429184100.8
2018Las Vegas Raiders1655338168.94,0497.366191019735.6525129993.9
2017Las Vegas Raiders1551532362.73,4966.887221316532432010186.4
2016Las Vegas Raiders1556035763.83,93777528618933.850167996.7
2015Las Vegas Raiders1657335061.13,987768321318331.9533123091.1
2014Las Vegas Raiders1659934858.13,2705.577211216327.2282414976.6


2022Las Vegas Raiders15241024.22001041.7101
2021Las Vegas Raiders17401082.7220922.5104
2020Las Vegas Raiders16391403.61831641003
2019Las Vegas Raiders1627823152725.9006
2018Las Vegas Raiders1624472151520.8001
2017Las Vegas Raiders1523662.9320521.7104
2016Las Vegas Raiders1539701.8130512.8003
2015Las Vegas Raiders16331384.2240721.2102
2014Las Vegas Raiders1629923.24101034.5116


2022Las Vegas Raiders15
2021Las Vegas Raiders170000000
2020Las Vegas Raiders16
2019Las Vegas Raiders16
2018Las Vegas Raiders161-9-9-900000
2017Las Vegas Raiders15
2016Las Vegas Raiders15
2015Las Vegas Raiders160000000
2014Las Vegas Raiders160000000


2022Las Vegas Raiders15401
2021Las Vegas Raiders171355
2020Las Vegas Raiders161180
2019Las Vegas Raiders16735
2018Las Vegas Raiders161272
2017Las Vegas Raiders158301
2016Las Vegas Raiders1553
2015Las Vegas Raiders1610302
2014Las Vegas Raiders1610404


2022Las Vegas Raiders15
2021Las Vegas Raiders17
2020Las Vegas Raiders16110000
2019Las Vegas Raiders16
2018Las Vegas Raiders16
2017Las Vegas Raiders15110000
2016Las Vegas Raiders15
2015Las Vegas Raiders16110000
2014Las Vegas Raiders16110000

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