Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers Results

The Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers played each other in the regular season and playoffs 7 times in league history. Cincinnati Bengals 3 games and Carolina Panthers won 3 games in their all-time meeting here listed below.

The all-time series is tied at 3-3-1

Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals11/06/202242-21 (Bengals)
Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers09/23/201821-31 (Panthers)
Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals10/12/201437-37 (Tie)
Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers09/26/201020-7 (Bengals)
Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals10/22/200614-17 (Bengals)
Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers12/08/200231-52 (Panthers)
Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers09/26/19993-27 (Panthers)

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