Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Results

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions played each other in the regular season and playoffs 187 times in league history. Chicago Bears 105 games and Detroit Lions won 77 games in their all-time meeting here listed below.

Chicago Bears leading the all-time series 105-77-5

12/10/2023Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears28-13 (Bears)
1/1/2023Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions41-10 (Lions)
11/13/2022Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears31-30 (Lions)
11/25/2021Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions16-14 (Bears)
10/03/2021Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-24 (Bears)
12/06/2020Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears34-30 (Lions)
09/13/2020Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-23 (Bears)
11/28/2019Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-20 (Bears)
11/10/2019Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears13-20 (Bears)
11/22/2018Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions23-16 (Bears)
11/11/2018Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears22-34 (Bears)
12/16/2017Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-20 (Lions)
11/19/2017Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears27-24 (Lions)
12/11/2016Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-20 (Lions)
10/02/2016Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-17 (Bears)
01/03/2016Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-20 (Lions)
10/18/2015Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions34-37 (Lions)
12/21/2014Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-14 (Lions)
11/27/2014Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-34 (Lions)
11/10/2013Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-19 (Lions)
09/29/2013Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions32-40 (Lions)
12/30/2012Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions26-24 (Bears)
10/22/2012Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-13 (Bears)
11/13/2011Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears13-37 (Bears)
10/10/2011Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions13-24 (Lions)
12/05/2010Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-20 (Bears)
09/12/2010Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-19 (Bears)
01/03/2010Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions37-23 (Bears)
10/04/2009Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-48 (Bears)
11/02/2008Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears23-27 (Bears)
10/05/2008Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions34-7 (Bears)
10/28/2007Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears16-7 (Lions)
09/30/2007Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-37 (Lions)
12/24/2006Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions26-21 (Bears)
09/17/2006Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-34 (Bears)
10/30/2005Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions19-13 (Bears)
09/18/2005Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears6-38 (Bears)
12/26/2004Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions13-19 (Lions)
09/12/2004Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-16 (Lions)
11/09/2003Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-12 (Lions)
10/26/2003Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears16-24 (Bears)
11/24/2002Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears17-20 (Bears)
10/20/2002Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions20-23 (Lions)
12/30/2001Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-0 (Bears)
12/02/2001Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-13 (Bears)
12/24/2000Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions23-20 (Bears)
09/24/2000Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-14 (Lions)
12/19/1999Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-28 (Bears)
11/25/1999Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-21 (Lions)
11/15/1998Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions3-26 (Lions)
10/04/1998Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears27-31 (Bears)
11/27/1997Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions20-55 (Lions)
09/14/1997Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears32-7 (Lions)
11/24/1996Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-31 (Bears)
09/22/1996Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions16-35 (Lions)
12/04/1995Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-27 (Lions)
11/19/1995Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-17 (Lions)
11/20/1994Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-20 (Bears)
10/23/1994Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions16-21 (Lions)
12/26/1993Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-14 (Lions)
11/25/1993Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-6 (Bears)
12/20/1992Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions3-16 (Lions)
09/06/1992Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-27 (Bears)
11/28/1991Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions6-16 (Lions)
11/03/1991Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-20 (Bears)
12/16/1990Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions21-38 (Lions)
12/02/1990Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears17-23 (Bears)
12/10/1989Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears27-17 (Lions)
09/24/1989Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions47-27 (Bears)
12/11/1988Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears12-13 (Bears)
10/09/1988Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-7 (Bears)
11/22/1987Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-30 (Bears)
12/15/1986Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions16-13 (Bears)
10/26/1986Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-13 (Bears)
12/22/1985Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions37-17 (Bears)
11/10/1985Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears3-24 (Bears)
12/16/1984Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions30-13 (Bears)
11/18/1984Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-16 (Bears)
10/30/1983Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears38-17 (Lions)
10/16/1983Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-31 (Lions)
11/21/1982Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears17-20 (Bears)
09/12/1982Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-17 (Lions)
11/22/1981Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears23-7 (Lions)
10/19/1981Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-48 (Lions)
11/27/1980Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions23-17 (Bears)
10/19/1980Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-24 (Bears)
11/22/1979Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions0-20 (Lions)
11/04/1979Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-35 (Bears)
10/29/1978Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-17 (Lions)
09/17/1978Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions19-0 (Bears)
11/24/1977Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions31-14 (Bears)
09/18/1977Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-30 (Bears)
11/21/1976Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-14 (Lions)
09/12/1976Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears3-10 (Bears)
12/07/1975Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-25 (Bears)
10/12/1975Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-27 (Lions)
11/24/1974Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-34 (Lions)
09/15/1974Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears9-17 (Bears)
12/09/1973Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-40 (Lions)
11/18/1973Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears30-7 (Lions)
11/05/1972Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions0-14 (Lions)
10/01/1972Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears38-24 (Lions)
11/21/1971Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears28-3 (Lions)
10/24/1971Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions28-23 (Bears)
10/25/1970Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears16-10 (Lions)
10/05/1970Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions14-28 (Lions)
12/21/1969Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-3 (Lions)
10/19/1969Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-13 (Lions)
10/13/1968Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears28-10 (Lions)
09/22/1968Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions0-42 (Lions)
11/05/1967Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-13 (Bears)
10/15/1967Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears3-14 (Bears)
11/06/1966Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-10 (Tied)
09/11/1966Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions3-14 (Lions
11/21/1965Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions17-10 (Bears)
10/24/1965Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-38 (Bears)
11/26/1964Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-24 (Bears)
10/18/1964Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-0 (Lions)
12/15/1963Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-24 (Bears)
09/29/1963Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions37-21 (Bears)
12/16/1962Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears0-3 (Bears)
10/28/1962Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions3-11 (Lions)
12/03/1961Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears16-15 (Lions)
10/08/1961Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions31-17 (Bears)
12/18/1960Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions0-36 (Lions)
11/20/1960Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-28 (Bears)
12/13/1959Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-25 (Bears)
11/22/1959Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-14 (Bears)
12/14/1958Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears16-21 (Bears)
11/23/1958Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions20-7 (Bears)
12/15/1957Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-13 (Lions)
11/24/1957Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-7 (Bears)
12/16/1956Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-38 (Bears)
12/02/1956Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-42 (Lions)
12/04/1955Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-21 (Bears)
11/20/1955Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-14 (Bears)
12/12/1954Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-28 (Bears)
09/26/1954Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions23-48 (Lions)
12/06/1953Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-13 (Lions)
11/22/1953Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-16 (Lions)
12/07/1952Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions21-45 (Lions)
11/23/1952Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears23-24 (Bears)
11/11/1951Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears41-28 (Lions)
10/28/1951Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions28-23 (Bears)
12/10/1950Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears3-6 (Bears)
11/05/1950Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions35-21 (Bears)
11/24/1949Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions28-7 (Bears)
11/13/1949Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-27 (Bears)
12/05/1948Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions42-14 (Bears)
10/17/1948Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears0-28 (Bears)
11/27/1947Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions34-14 (Bears)
10/19/1947Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears24-33 (Bears)
12/08/1946Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions45-24 (Bears)
11/24/1946Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears6-42 (Bears)
11/11/1945Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears35-28 (Lions)
10/28/1945Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions10-16 (Lions)
11/19/1944Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions21-41 (Lions)
10/22/1944Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears21-21 (Tied)
10/31/1943Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears14-35 (Bears)
10/03/1943Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions27-21 (Bears)
11/22/1942Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions42-0 (Bears)
11/01/1942Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears0-16 (Bears)
11/23/1941Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions24-7 (Bears)
10/19/1941Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears0-49 (Bears)
11/10/1940Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions14-17 (Lions)
10/13/1940Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears0-7 (Bears)
11/12/1939Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions23-13 (Bears)
10/29/1939Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-0 (Lions)
11/24/1938Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-14 (Lions)
10/30/1938Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears13-7 (Lions)
11/25/1937Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions13-0 (Bears)
10/24/1937Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-28 (Bears)
11/26/1936Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions7-13 (Lions)
10/25/1936Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears10-12 (Bears)
11/28/1935Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions2-14 (Lions)
11/24/1935Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears20-20 (Tied)
12/02/1934Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears7-10 (Bears)
11/29/1934Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions19-16 (Bears)
12/03/1933Chicago Bears at Portsmouth Spartans17-7 (Bears)
11/26/1933Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Bears14-17 (Bears)
12/18/1932Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Bears0-9 (Bears)
11/27/1932Chicago Bears at Portsmouth Spartans7-7 (Tied)
11/13/1932Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Bears13-13 (Tied)
11/29/1931Chicago Bears at Portsmouth Spartans0-3 (Spartans)
11/08/1931Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Bears6-9 (Bears)
11/30/1930Portsmouth Spartans at Chicago Bears6-14 (Bears)
10/22/1930Chicago Bears at Portsmouth Spartans6-7 (Spartans)

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