2023 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears selected 1st round 1st pick, Kansas City hosts

Chicago Bears is announced to feature the 2023 NFL Draft’s first-round number one pick. Kansas City, Missouri will host the 2023 NFL Draft the 88th edition of the NFL’s biggest new eligible player selection events takes place on April 27–29, 2023. Each year NFL Draft helps every team to add top players to their rosters and is ready to set up next season.

How to be an NFL roster?

All College football players must be played for the full three years then who will be suitable to elect NFL Draft these years? College football players elect to the final deadline of the 2023 NFL draft on Monday, January 16, 2023.

How many College football players will be drafted in 2023?

A total of 259 College football players will be shuffled in the 2023 NFL Draft during 7 rounds.

When is NFL Draft 2023?

The 2023 NFL Draft is scheduled to be held at Kansas City Union Station in Missouri on April 27-29, 2023. The first-round pick begins on Thursday, April 27, second and third rounds will start on Friday, April 28. And 4-7 rounds will finish on Saturday, April 29.

2023 NFL Draft TV Schedule

DateRoundsTime (ET)TV
Thursday, April. 2718:00 PMESPN, NFL Network
Friday, April 282-35:00 PMESPN, NFL Network
Saturday, April. 294-715:00 PMESPN, NFL Network

What TV does the NFL Draft 2023 have?

ESPN, ABC, and NFL Network will air live the 2023 NFL Draft from the plaza outside of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.

What is the NFL draft order in 2023?

This year total of 32 of 23 selection teams are officially listed by numbers and the full list is expected to publish after the 2023 Super Bowl game.

An official list of 23 picks:

PickTeam2022 recordSchedule strengthPlayoff stats
1Chicago Bears3–140.571Missed Playoffs
2Houston Texans3–13–10.481Missed Playoffs
3Arizona Cardinals4–130.529Missed Playoffs
4Indianapolis Colts4–12–10.512Missed Playoffs
5Denver Broncos (traded to Seattle)5–120.481Missed Playoffs
6Los Angeles Rams (traded to Detroit)5–120.517Missed Playoffs
7Las Vegas Raiders6–110.474Missed Playoffs
8Atlanta Falcons7–100.467Missed Playoffs
9Carolina Panthers7–100.474Missed Playoffs
10New Orleans Saints (traded to Philadelphia)7–100.507Missed Playoffs
11Tennessee Titans7–100.509Missed Playoffs
12Cleveland Browns (traded to Houston)7–100.524Missed Playoffs
13New York Jets7–100.538Missed Playoffs
14New England Patriots8–90.502Missed Playoffs
15Green Bay Packers8–90.524Missed Playoffs
16Washington Commanders8–8–10.536Missed Playoffs
17Pittsburgh Steelers9–80.519Missed Playoffs
18Detroit Lions9–80.535Missed Playoffs
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers8–90.503WC
20Seattle Seahawks9–80.462WC
Miami Dolphins (forfeited)9–80.537WC
21Los Angeles Chargers10–70.443WC
22Baltimore Ravens10–70.509WC
23Minnesota Vikings13–40.474WC
30Lost SB
31Won SB

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